First Planche at 54 yrs

Look, I’m nothing special. No one from my family was athletic or showed interest in any kind of physical activity.

In fact, they went out of their way to avoid it. But for some reason I was different. At school I loved sports and when I left for uni it was to take a degree in Sports Science. However when I left education, I allowed the excesses of youth, temptation and a lazy modern life to take over and my fitness took a nosedive.

Lifting 225kg/500lbs, 3 times my bodyweight

It wasn’t until I reached a mid-life crisis in my mid 40’s, when my marriage was falling apart and I was going through addiction and job issues, that purely by chance, I discovered again how uplifting and therapeutic fitness and physical activity could be . It didn’t solve my issues, but it certainly made coping with them far easier.  Along the way I got a black belt in Choi Kwangdo, ran my first marathon at 50, became a UK Kettlebell record holder, got on the England Kettlebell team and smashed numerous other personal goals
Age is Just A Number
Now one year off 60, I’m stronger and fitter than ever. The Secret….Smart training, good nutrition, low stress and the right mindset. And I can help you with every one of those!


Over 1 million views and counting

Now maybe some of you might have seen my exploits on my YouTube fitness channel


In this video, I’m having a go at moves and exercises that someone of my age wouldn’t normally be expected to try. Hey maybe if you check out my channel they’ll be something there you might want to try!


Apart from being fully qualified and insured to PT, I am also a successful therapist, helping people with all manner of anxiety related and performance issues. Check out my web sites.



So, I’ll also be able to help and advise you on how to develop the optimum training mindset and other issues you might have.

Whether that’s to get moving again after a life time of inactivity, achieve a personal best, lose weight, take on a challenged or simply to improve and extend the quality of your life , I can be your guide, mentor, coach and motivator. 


If any of that sounds interesting and you want to find out more about what I can do for you, please feel free to get in touch for a chat or to book a free trial and consultation.