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Tired of the fads, gimmicks, and misinformation from the fitness industry. With over 30 years experience, I will help guide, motivate and advise you to create sustainable long-lasting change. No quick fixes, no unrealistic promises.

My clients are always my focus. I work with each of you to create a bespoke solution to help you reach your goals and challenges. Fitness isn’t just about achieving a six-pack, it’s about improving how you move, feel, think, and breathe.

personal training harrow

personal training harrow

CREATING sustainable

Education is key in my approach to training and I pride myself on giving my clients the understanding and tools to approach fitness as a positive lifestyle choice and not just a quick fix. After all life is not a 6 week fitness crash course



Due to a serious injury Adam had been unable to train for some time in his favourite sports of Brazilian Ju-jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts and Rugby. Here you can see me last year, putting him through his paces in a carefully designed program to return him to the fitness level and condition he needed to compete once again in these physically arduous sports. Adam is now back training 4 times a week feeling stronger and faster than before his injury. He’s also been able to return to another favourite sport of his, rugby after a considerable layoff.


Quite simply Marvin wanted to get stronger and be in the best physical condition of his life.  What he needed from me was coaching, mentoring and advice on how to safely achieve that and then maintain it for the long term. Just to give you an idea at how successful Marvin has been. When he first came to me he could barely deadlift 100kg. After 4 months of consistent and structured training, just once a week, his deadlift improved to 200kg, well over twice his bodyweight. Needless to say he’s delighted with the results and is now working to break other PB’s!


Like so many other clients, when Neil came to me, the pressures of work, family and life in general had had a significant impact on his physical condition and health. Very quickly we set about creating a program to improve all aspects of his physicality – strength, cardio, endurance and power – which Neil embraced fully. To compliment his new lifestyle we also worked on improving his diet, stress levels and mindset. Neil is now making great progress and feeling so much better about himself, life and his future.  


Here are just some of the many testimonials I’ve received over the years

Always Supportive And Encouraging

I work weekly with Mark 1:1 to improve my overall fitness and conditioning. The thing that makes him unique is his ability to tap into your growth mindset whilst training. Always supportive and encouraging outside of workout sessions, he is clearly committed to seeing you improve. Plus he is a nice ‘geezer’ too.💪
Marvin Wallace
Management Accountant

Fantastic And
Knowledgeable Service

Fantastic and knowledgeable service, I’ve seen Mark on an off for years to help develop my knowledge around fitness and exercise. Mark manages to balance fun with hard work and guidance that seems to be tailor made to the student he is teaching. Highly recommended 👍

Daniel Coster
FM Manager

Mark Is An Exception

Mark is an exception, he has helped me get back on track after an injury. Extremely knowledgeable in so many areas of fitness. The boxing lessons were also great. Looking forward to continuing the journey with you.
Karl Pearsal
Business Owner

Simply The Best!

Simply the best! I have been trained by Mark for a few years now and can’t speak more highly of him. He is a brilliant trainer, he has helped me reach and maintain my fitness goals, every session is always a bit different from the last so doesn’t get monotonous either. A great motivator and very positive person to be around. Many thanks

Neil Breed
Owner, East Lane Tyres

Mark Is A Great Guy

Mark trained me through the years as a strength and conditioning mentor for Brazilian Jui-Jitsu, MMA and for cross country obstacle races. We trained together for a marathon and other charitable running races.
Mark is a great guy and is exceptionally knowledgeable on anything fitness.
I highly recommend mark as a trainer for all of your fitness goals, you will not regret it. whether you are at the beginning of your journey or a seasoned fitness expert, Mark has the tools to aid you on your fitness adventure.
Adam Taylor
Project Manager

Very Professional

Mark helped me to prepare for a return to Marathon running after many years absence due to injury and life just getting in the way. He was very professional in his approach, structuring everything I needed to do to get get the best result on the day, which I did with a new PB!!

Morten Haland
Education Specialist


I’ll freely admit that much of my own education comes from making many mistakes on my own fitness journey. That means you don’t have to because I’ve learned a huge amount from those events and I can now use that wealth of knowledge, gained over 40 years, to guide you safely and effectively to your goals and challenges.


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