You Can Do It

Yes that’s me up there in the video at 54 years of age.  I’m not trying to show off, I’m just trying to demonstrate that age is not a limiting factor on what can be achieved if you put your mind to it.

Of course I can’t guarantee that you’ll nail all those moves if you train with me. But what I can do is make sure you are trained safely and to the highest standard using my 30 years of strength and conditioning knowledge.

And I will definitely motivate you. You see I’m also a mindset coach so I know what it takes to get performance out of people.

So if you’re looking for a trainer and you’re any of the following

  • 18 – 75
  • Overweight
  • Out of shape
  • Training for an event
  • Looking to learn a new skill
  • Looking to get to the next level of fitness

I’m the right guy for you

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Whether your goal is to:-

    • Get back into fitness training
    • Start training from scratch
    • Keep fit at an older age
    • Learn a new skill
    • Lose weight
    • Gain muscle
    • Move your fitness goals to the next level

I can help you

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